Trade Terms:

  Since Liyana Novias is sold in factories, not retail stores, shipping costs cannot be calculated for each country and each product, There for the quotes are all ex-factory prices (US dollars excluding shipping fee and tax)
  Incase wholesale or retail order need it finally reach your warehouse price , please connect us for more information to calculate shipping fees and import duty for approval.
  Regularly we provide factory collect , China address free delivery shipping services, when you have agent in china we can delivery to them and mark your shipping labels.

Refund Return Policy

Due to the special nature of the product, Liyana Novias does not provide refund and return terms. Ordering is risky, so please carefully consider whether to pay for the order.

Payment Terms

  Liyana Novias own style, if you order it as is, it will be produced according to the principle of 50% deposit, and 50% balance will be shipped after receiving it.

  Customized styles, customized sizes of existing styles of Liyana Novias, modification of existing style structures of Liyana Novias will be carried out in accordance with the principle of 100% deposit production.

Production Lead time 

  Due to the order production schedule, the process difficulty of each piece is different. The production cycle is subject to the final time of receiving the deposit/full payment and confirming the production details, which takes 35-60 days. Rush orders are not accepted.

Responsibility and after-sales

Liyana Novias is fully responsible.

  1. Losses caused by quality being different from what was previously ordered.

  2. Losses caused by extension of delivery deadline and agreement

Customer responsible

  1. Failure to confirm the production sheet in a timely manner, failure to raise questions about the production sheet, resulting in errors and losses caused by delays

  2. For orders that have not paid the balance more than 15 days after production is completed, a 2% surcharge will be added every day. If it exceeds 30 days, there will be no refund and Liyana Novias will sell the inventory by itself.


  All customizations and changes due to customer requirements. Liyana Novias does not guarantee the performance or appearance of the final product. Hence the disclaimer. If you purchase from Liyana Novias Company, it will be deemed that the customer has accepted the above terms and statements.